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To have an adventure, a real one, by driving deep into the heart of the American continent, and emerging on the other side to inhale the breeze on the Atlantic coast. The first leg of the journey may indeed be the longest, as we leave the Bay Area and head east, aiming to arrive in Wendover, Utah by late evening. We will be camping out for our first two nights, before meeting up with family and friends for the remaining overnights of the trip.

Our initial plan had been to drive through Colorado, but the wildfires blazing throughout the state have influenced us to reroute north. I am curious if we will see smoke along the way, or if we will be fully out of range.

Correlations Podcast: Psychological and Astrological Complexes

We will be experiencing the rapid changing of our planet first-hand on these travels. If it is, my desire is to turn southwards and see some desert-land before we cruise back into the chilly humidity of our fog-bound San Francisco home.

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I am a San Francisco based intuitive guide working with astrology and tarot for 25 years. In a reading we share a ritual process together that brings l. To Make an Appointment Using My Online Scheduler, Please.

And lastly, if we can listen to the stereo no more, Matt will have his books on Schelling for his Ph. To quote a great traveller in the wilds of the imaginary, let me conclude:. The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began.

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Ralph Metzner. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

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Signs of Intelligence Forum. Rick: This happened quite naturally. Lester Levensen - The Free State. I also noticed that there were no other photos of me with that kind of love and radiant joy on my face until I was an adult woman and had done a lot of inner psychological and spiritual work. I am curious if we will see smoke along the way, or if we will be fully out of range.

The Huichol Page. The Peyote Foundation. Council on Spiritual Practices.

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Dance of the Deer Foundation. SpiritQuest: Listening to the Plants. Matthew Stelzner Archetypal Astrology.

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