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January 1 Birthday Horoscope

The eclipse inspires internal security, wealth, consistency, and strength. Winter wanderlust, Leo? A romantic chapter begins for you on Sunday with the start of Aquarius season. Also on Sunday, the eclipse in Leo inspires closure from ex-partners so you can open your heart more fully to current lovers. Let it all go, and fall in love again with optimism. You already know two is better than one, Libra.

Love and Compatibility for January 1 Zodiac

Your relationship skills are legendary! On Friday, tell the truth to a partner who needs to hear it—you can still be delicate and honest.

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Read the full astrology profile of someone born under January 1 zodiac, which presents the Capricorn sign, love compatibility & personality. The energy of a new beginning on the 1st of January is a powerful guiding light to an individual born on this special day. Imagine the world celebrating the start.

Aquarius season begins a season of confidence and creativity! Pay attention, Scorpio! Your eyes can handle the invisible world, but the physical one needs your focus now. Commit to your health, wellness, and personal growth. Aquarius season on Sunday has you searching for the places and people that feel like home, and the eclipse lights up your career sector—a big change is coming where you need it professionally! Courage, Sagittarius!

The world is in awe of your candor and vulnerability. Is it time to to tell a special someone how you feel? Do it on Friday. Your curiosity peaks when Aquarius season begins on Sunday. Adventures in travel await you with open arms thanks to the eclipse.

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Happy birthday, Capricorn! Friday helps you find the philosophies to improve your emotional health. Stay strong, focused, and brave.

January 1 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

Friday reunites you with friends to get you out of your funk. Slow and steady, Pisces! Move with mindfulness, and pay attention to the clues the universe is giving you.

Your January Horoscope: Starting 12222 Off With a Big, Beautiful Bang!

A career breakthrough arrives on Friday, helping you see what your value is and how to use it. A social sabbatical begins on Sunday with the start of Aquarius season, and the eclipse encourages self-care, renewal, and healthy decisions. If you need to stick closer to home, spiritual renewal could come through art and books. The Challenging: A deep-lingering sense of inner anxiety could be making you afraid of taking part in life's rich pageant.

Try to shake off your fears so you can explore new territory and gain a larger worldview.

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Unforeseen family drama could shake your foundations at the end of the month. The Takeaway: It's a wonderful world — but your inner-demons are clouding your vision. The Good: If your New Year's resolution is to get your finances in order, than you are in for an extremely auspicious January.

This is an excellent time to set a long-term investment and saving plan, as well as deal with mortgages and pay off debt. The Challenging: This is not a time to co-mingle your economic future with that of your social circle. Friends may hit you up for a loan or investment, or to go into business together. Even if they throw a tantrum, keep your money to yourself. The Takeaway: Set boundaries to separate friends and finances. The 9th is one of the most powerfully amorous days you have had in a long time, so make sure to spend time with your sweetie.

January 1 Capricorn Personality

If you were born in the month of January of any year of that zodiac sign are you then? Capricorn is inherently a rather charming person in my research. People born on January 1 are helpful and they care a lot about what other people think. When speaking about their family life Capricorn people will marry when they consider the right moment for themselves. Next Birthday 4. Try reloading this page to see a new pet name and a different breed. Are there magical powers hidden in your given name?

This is also an excellent time to marry , propose or take things to the next level. The Challenging: Workplace challenges morph into worries about your love partnership. You may feel you cannot effectively plan the future due to career uncertainty, but remember that, in the end, love conquers all. The Takeaway: Whether single or in a relationship, love is in the air; breathe deep. The Good: Even if it is cold outside, all the better, so you can focus one-hundred percent of your attention on work.

You are feeling super industrious and can get a massive amount of tasks done, while your charm ensures inter-office harmony and teamwork. The Challenging: You may be focusing on chores as a way of escaping the realities of your brittle love life. The eclipse at the end of the month ensures that you will shift some of your energies to the softer side of life, while the 7th is an excellent day to search for new love. The Takeaway: You need to get back in touch with your romantic nature and true self.

The Good: The 9th is an excellent day for spending time on creative projects or bonding with children — as well as trying to conceive, so schedule in some cuddle time. The first half of the month also holds many opportunities for rekindling love or finding a new partner. The Challenging: You may have performance anxiety when it comes time to get between the sheets.

Virgos are notorious perfectionists, even when it comes to the art of love. You are not writing a thesis on the Karma Sutra, so relax and let yourself go.

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The Takeaway: Swipe right for romance. The Good: After the festive holiday period, you may want to do nothing more than hole up at home for a well-deserved rest and some self-pampering. A little time away from the social swirl will do a lot to recharge your batteries. The 9th is an excellent day to connect with family. The Challenging: Your romantic partner is up for excitement and may feel bored and restless with your couch-bound nature during the first half of the month.

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Some shocking news may come to light about a fair-weather friend at the eclipse on the 31st. The Takeaway: Rest up early on so you have the strength to pull the knives out of your back from a fake friend at month's end.