Vakri planets in vedic astrology

Retrograde Planets in Your Birth Chart

Vedic astrology says that benefic planets yield auspicious results when retrograde, while malefic planets yield bad results.

VaKri Planets

Due to this, the native may indulge in the bad habits and face disgrace in the society. Even it reduces respect in the society. If any malefic planet is retrograde in the birth-chart then the person's brutality increase and if any mild planet is retrograde then it increases delicacy of the native.

Travel during retrograde planet is inauspicious if placed in the Ascendant. Results of Retrograde Planets If Jupiter is retrograde in the birth-chart it will influence the result of the 5th house.

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Retrograde Mars influences the result of the 3rd house. Retrograde Mercury influences the result of the 4th house. Retrograde Venus affects result of the 7th house which is the house of marriage. Retrograde Saturn affects result of the 12th house which is the house of fortune and retrograde Moon influences the result of the 2nd house.

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Impact of Retrograde Planets Acharya Shashikant times read.

Vakri Graha (Retrograde Planet)

Please rate this article:. Rated by 1 people. They are two entirely different systems of interpretation. My daughter has Mercury, Mars and Saturn retrograde. I can see she she is a walkover and very reserved, she has earing problems so thought this could be the problem at first too, until i looked into her chart and found the retrogrades..

What do you think I can do to make my child strong and not so reserved, I do try to encourage her but she said she finds it very hard to say no.. Show her empathy, and keep the lines of communication open, so that she will continue to open up to you.

12222 Retrogrades

Eventually, she will grow into the strength and power in her chart and learn to be more assertive. Thank you Molly! Fabulous info, really interesting, especially the animation! This tells me a whole lot more about my chart. I never really considered Rx before.

Retrograde Planets

It a crucial part of the interpretation! Thank you for this information, Molly. I have Saturn, Mars, and Pluto all retrograde in my third House. Learning more about my natal chart and how it influences who I am and my place in the world is greatly appreciated! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Retrograde: Planets in Retrograde Meanings -

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Earth center , Sun black dot and Mercury red dot When you were a kid, did you ever go on long car trips, lie in the back seat and stick your feet out the window? Image: Wikimedia Commons What does a retrograde planet mean? Own best teacher. Questions what others accept as gospel.

More capable of dealing with abstractions and impressions than those with Mercury direct. Less concern for social amenities. They may seek unconventional women.

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Tends to internalize rather than express anger. Mars retrograde women often choose men who are dependent, irresponsible, handicapped in some way, or social misfits. Outer planet retrogrades Outer planets are retrograde roughly five months of the year.


Their moral and ethical code, religion, and philosophy are their own. They seek answers from within rather than subscribing to the dogma of the outside world. They seek abundance in new, untried, and unproven areas. Retrograde Saturn : These people may doubt their worthiness as human beings.

May avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes and be fearful of taking chances. There is often a subconscious fear of rejection and loss.

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Their limitations and burdens are self-imposed. This may be the most difficult retrograde. Strong reformer instincts — for everybody else. These folks have a strong inner need and desire to persistently test their personal abilities against those of others.