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On this episode, Janaka discusses the links between language and magic, his mystical methods of writing and reciting poetry, and ways to translate transcendent experiences into words. Pam also celebrates National Poetry Month by talking about poetry as spellcraft, and answers a listener question about how to stay away from spiritual toxicity and keep on a positive witchy path. Our sponsors for this episode are Mithras Candle and Hag Swag. A tremendously gifted comedian, actor, and singer, Hoffer performs in and out of drag worldwide, and as Jinkx Monsoon, they have recorded such albums as The Ginger Snapped and The Inevitable Album.

Pam also talks about the significance of The Magician tarot card and answers a listener question about how to find a coven. On this episode, Yumi discuss how she came to combine her art and writing with her spiritual practice, the magic of meditation, and the importance of having tea with your demons.

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Pam also talks about appreciation vs. Sarah Potter is a teacher and practitioner of Color Magic, which is a means of using specific hues to conjure different energies and manifest personal transformation.

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Pam also talks about the magical significance of the color red, and answers a listener question about love rituals for single witches. Erica is also the author of HausMagick , a book that teaches readers how to transform their homes with witchcraft, and which will be released in the US and UK in early February. On this episode, Erica discusses ways to manifest more magic in the home, rituals for cohabitating, and how interior design can change our interior — and exterior - lives.

Pam also discusses house spirits, and answers a listener question about leaving spirit offerings. On this episode, Miller discusses the magic of women, the craft of writing, and how she gave new life to an ancient witch. Pam also talks about new year deities and answers a listener question about feline familiars. She uses tarot as an avenue to visually explore the rich and complex layers of blackness and all of the meaning and magic that word entails.

On this episode, Courtney discusses her artistic and spiritual creative process, the importance of representation in tarot, and finding light in darkness.

Pam also talks about Winter Solstice rituals and answers questions about how to come out of the broom closet. They are also a licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, and a professional witch with a specific focus on bringing a voice to the role of witch as healer and the use of magic as a means of service and anti-oppression activism.

Pam also talks about gender-fluid deities and magic workers across the globe.

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February can really hurt. It's a time when we all need a little extra love. Luckily for all of us lucky queers, we've got each other. Queer Horoscopes for November Scorpio Season Asks Whether You're Queer Horoscopes for February Time to Get Romantic with Yourself.

But there is a tenderness to that fire, a desire to just be seen, to be understood. There is wisdom, there, that you find when an Aries settles into themselves: they become the eye of the storm. Think of Angelou later in life: it was as if, if she so chose, she could speak fire into existence.

Her words made the air crackle and spark. April 20—May Taurus digs into the earth, gets its hands dirty. Taurus grows the seeds that Aries plants. Taurus plows, slow and steady. Taurus knows that the body is the work and the play and the reward. Taurus is fixed earth: the stubborn bull, the earth mother, the sensual lover, the person whose emotions show up in their body. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure.

Taurus wants a good meal, a good fuck, and a good nap.

And this is Taurus: ruled by Venus, Taurus revels in the sensual, in the body, in the earth, in the five senses, in understanding the self through the experience of the physical environment. Carter brought the theory of BDSM and the mystical of fairy tales into the body, into the deeply physical realms of desire.

She made the unimaginable imaginable. When the body is aligned with the spirit — or, when the spirit comes into the body — Venus shows up. There is magic to be found — magic that Taurus is particularly adept at summoning. May 21—June Of all the air signs, Gemini moves the fastest — there is a Peter Pan quality to Gemini folk. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is mutable air, whipping up the solidity of Taurus earth.

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The world is alive with spring , Gemini says. Have you heard? In the tarot, Gemini is represented by The Lovers: a world come alive with ideas, with romance. Geminis are the poets of the zodiac: obsessed with language, sharp, incisive, and playful as hell. In this, Gwendolyn Brooks was the consummate Gemini. Brooks was the first African-American to win a Pulitzer, ever, and of course, she won for her poems.

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Geminis are magicians, speaking ideas into existence with their words. Communication is what Geminis are known for, but undergirding this is their true defining trait: curiosity. Unlike their opposing sign, Sagittarius, they are not devoted to the pursuit of Truth; they just want to express their truth as honestly as possible. June 21—July Summer solstice brings with it Cancer season: the heart of summer, the longest days, the shortest nights. Cancer is cardinal water: the leader of the water signs, the fertile rains which nurture and grow.

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Traditionally associated with the moon, the home, and motherhood, Cancer rules the private realm. But it would be a mistake to underestimate Cancers: the depth of their loyalty, and the ferocity with which they guard their domain. Above all, Cancers are charged with tending to life. With extraordinary empathy and a gift for boundaries, they are well equipped to do so. Octavia Butler, one of the most renowned science fiction writers of the twentieth century, continually pressed on the question of the value of human life in her work: what does it mean to be human? Butler, the first science fiction writer to receive a MacArthur Fellowship, is often celebrated as one of the vanguards of Afrofuturism, one of the few voices bringing characters from marginalized backgrounds to the forefront of genre fiction.

This is a central challenge Cancer faces: the integration of the family with the finding of the self. As Butler once wrote in the Parable of the Talents ,. Self is.

Self is body and bodily perception. Self is thought, memory, belief. Self creates. Self destroys. Self learns, discovers, becomes. Self shapes.

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Self adapts. Self invents its own reasons for being. To shape God, shape Self. July 23—August You know when a Leo walks into a room. It might be their hair, it might be their clothes, it might be that they always know how to make an entrance. Leos get a bad rap for being selfish, but Leos teach us how to value ourselves. Not the boastful braggart, not the loudest person in the room.

Queer Horoscopes for February 12222: Time to Get Romantic with Yourself

The most centered person in the room. The person who is really, truly assured of their worth and value. That is why Leos radiate confidence: because when you know and love yourself, you shine. Have you ever met an apologetic Leo sun or Leo rising, a Leo person who was anything less than the fullness of what they were?