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Pls help. I am a Taurus man.

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Thabk you,Nathaniel mybe i needed to here this cause i am not happy at all. I suggest you try looking for a guy who will actually; truly care for you but if you kept insisting on someone who might not like you at all then prepare to get hurt. Make priorities and love will follow. I would like to know if my husband is loyal. Also when will i find a job with high pay.

Thursday, October 10, 12222

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I need a job with a salary of 40k or more. Well I am Taurus my partner is virgo but I am married with him but always a fight with my sister in law and my mother inlaw well pain in ass they always telling him to leave me well I have kids but rhey already tired about it. Hi, can u message me on my mail? Akinloyewasiuomotayo ymail. I m a Taurus , I used to love Cancerian woman ans she came one day and said i need space and she went away after all I tried to convince her but life as we know it. Im a taurus woman dating a libra man and damn its the hardest thing ever to communicate with him but i do love him.

Will it work, i dont know only time will tell. All I do is attract Libra men. My advice is.

If you can handle the non-communication, for a long while, then stick it out. Even when they open up to you the non-communication still will happen. I dated a libra for 1 year. But I Love Him..??? I am a Taurus woman who has been in a relationship with an Aries man for almost 4 years! We have has tough patches that we have gotten through and always come out stronger than ever. Every relationship is different but one thing you must do as a strong Taurus woman is to choose your battles.

Try to understand that you are not always right in fact and that sometimes others take a little longer to get things done. Know when to out the horns away. This has all been very hard for me to learn and I am still working on it!

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But totally worth it because I know for fact that I am with the exact person I am supposed to be with. When we are together everything just works. I like to have this topic for good to for ferther discussion. I really appriciated. I am taurus female and in love with aries man.

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Tarot Horoscope Taurus Tomorrow's Horoscope. Opening up a little more will help you forge deeper connections to the people in your life. Hi Like 0. Taurus Professional You are a hardworking individual who will happily spend endless hours on Read More

He is so moody. Sometime he make me feel like i am the only girl in thos world to whom he belongs. I like you but still i cannot give you my love. But whenever i ask him to say it looking into my eyes he cannot do so. As a taurean i very calm person, i keep so much of patience in all situation but still i am human. My emotions are get hurting because of his behaviour.

I know he is not doing this purposely but stil i get hurt. It seems i am chasing him all the time, which i want to stop and want him to chase me. Please help me. Please suggest me how can i get him and make him fall for me. And on more thing we are physically active.

And when we make love.. First know him from inside. Like take him some where where you can open him like a movie an amusement park or a museum.

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Just take him let the emotions in him flow out. Then decide in which you can help him. Good luck happy turning.

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This is so me right now my aries tells me he will fall in love with me just give it time but I mean a lot to him. But he treats be so good. There is no problem in you loving him but the problem is you chasing him for love. Aries do not like being chased they are not strong like you Taurus. Please answer me as on as possible….

He was so judgemental and at the end of the day I walked away for good, he drove me crazy. To this day whenever he sees me he always make a beeline for me and tries his luck. The sex was OK, he thought it was mind blowing…. The main problem was he was too earthy and lacked fineness; I could not have a real intelligent conversation with him without him feeling that I was over intellectualising the conversation and lording it over him.

He really was defined by his penis, one day we were walking down the Kings Road, Chelsea London and he had his arm draped around my neck when he decided to grab my breast. I was mortified and hit him a great big slap around the chops, well this ended up in a huge fight in the middle of the street and I fled in floods of tears. We lasted 7 years because I really do not like to loose and the last 3 years together were because we had a son together. Never again would I date a Taurus.

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Proud to be a taurean. Could I pick up personality traits from Aries? I am curious to know why this site is so chock full of Cancer bashing.. I dunno how this thing works. Pls i need my daily horoscope how do i get it. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Daily Horoscope For Taurus.

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