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Now available in an Android phone version as well.

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Download Election Helper for electional astrology including helio and asteroids and to see what is happening minute-by-minute. Download Horary Helper for horary astrology calculations and tutorials. Download Midpoint for investigating midpoints.

Top 5 Web Sites With Free Astrology Birth Charts

Download Discovering Horary for horary astrology calculations and LOTS more, including minute-by-minute transits to natal planets, midpoints, and house cusps. Download AstroClk for electional astrology and to see what is happening minute-by-minute.

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Download MatchMkr for investigating and researching astrological compatibility with Chiron, as well as generating lists of dates which have planetary composite chart and synastry aspects which meet user-selected criteria get birth dates of people who may be compatible with you. Download PopHR if you like to use planetary hours and see what planetary hour you are currently in.

Astrology source code that you can modify yourself and make your own program.

To install: unzip the. In order to properly use these programs, you will need to know the longitude, latitude, and time zone for the birth date and location you are working with.

If you get an error message when you try to display a chart wheel, then you must manually copy the appropriate file, HORARY. Allen Edwall All programs copyrighted.

Mobile version What is astrology? Download My Free Astrology Software.

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But the first thing you'll see is a table chart with your birth planets and their signs, offering a fast way to size up all the information rather than digging up the information on the wheel. Like the other sites listed here, Astrolabe doesn't make you jump through hoops to get your birth chart. You can even save the chart to your computer's hard drive.


The basic birth chart is followed by interpretations of each of your natal planets, beginning with the Sun sign. Astrology Answers is a very easy to use website in which you simply answer a series of questions regarding the time and place of your date, along with some personal information. The website then sends you a detailed profile of your birth chart information within 24 hours.

My basic philosophy is this:

Jewellery Shop. Our Major Clients Over the years, more than ten thousand people have used Astro-Vision's Indian Astrology software for personal as well as business needs. Astrologer Website Themes In this page Astrologer Website themes are displayed to help you know about the wide arena of our work done for our clients all around the globe. It also offers many web-based services for the global Malayalee community. Partner With Us. He is considered as the back bone and brain behind the success of all ecommerce websites dealing in Astrology and Technology business of Cyber Astro Limited. It can be used for vedic, kp, nadi, western astrologers, even added the western progression right to natal chart, next would be transit chart based on year.

Like Astrology Answers, this site requires simply that you type answers to a few questions, then it produces an instantaneous profile of you, although the interpretation is somewhat general in nature. Continue Reading.

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